Multicultural Activities for Kids

Multicultural activities for kids are a fun way to broaden their horizons while taking them on a virtual trip around the world! These activities can be done in a classroom setting or daycare! Learning a language takes time, so discussing and understanding different cultures are the same way. It takes time, and some of these activities are ongoing while some take 1 day or a few weeks. And that’s all right because after all, learning about different cultures is supposed to be enriching and fun. The activities below are a great way to get started:


  1. Passports


All you need for this one is a piece of paper and a camera. Just take a few months to learn about different countries around the world and when it’s over, have the students choose a country. After that, the students are to dress up and have their pictures taken with their props.


  1. Multicultural Puppets


Take a trip to Hawaii with just a paper bag, markers, and silk flowers. Have the children cut from the bottom to make a grass skirt and decorate the bottom flap to make a face, completed with silk flowers glued under the flap for a lei.


  1. Multicultural Book


This fun activity is self-explanatory. Have the children cut out pictures from a magazine (National Geographic would be the way to go!), and glue them onto a page made out cardboard and held together by ribbons. An added bonus would be to help them write a description of the pictures they chose.


  1. Native American Symbols


The teacher will prep by pre-cutting symbols such as arrowheads, turtles, deer, teepees, or feathers. Then, have them choose a symbol and roll paint over the symbol with butcher paper as the background. Then, lift the symbol, revealing their chosen symbols.


  1. A Talking Stick or Stone

This old Native American tradition is another fun way to keep hyperactive pre-k kids and kindergarteners from talking while someone has the floor. Just gather them around in a circle and pass the stick or stone around until someone wants to talk without interruption before passing it to the next person. As an added bonus, different cultures would be a great topic to discuss!