Awesome Things About Living in a Multicultural Neighborhood

When you live in an environment where there is a variety of different culture it can be such a sensational and amazing opportunity to indulge in, no matter what your particular culture may be.


Jerri Plumridge says, “It has been such a wonderful experience to go through.” Jerri lives in Rainier Valley, this is a place located in Seattle in the southeast. You will find so many different people of different culture and color here it is wonderful, this is the biggest place with such diversity in the Northwest Pacific area. Every day you learn more about all the different cultures surrounding you and how they see things different then you may.


Cultivating Multiculturalism


Within a city normally if it is diverse and has a bunch of different cultures you will find that this city usually ran pretty fairly on account of caring for every resident no matter what their skin color may be. Sugarland Texas actually was named a community of respect in 2008 by a league called the Anti-defamation league. This town is actually located 20 miles to the southeast of Houston and has been praised for 3 years straight for having such a widespread diverse community.


You may wonder how they obtain this award every year in Sugar Land well one of the things that have helped is the “101 sessions” that was about Chinese, Pakistani and Indian cultures and was brought on by the cultural advisory team from Sugar land. They came about with these sessions so people and staff people would be able to become more knowledgeable about these different cultures and what traditions they have along with the history of their land.v Terri Wang which has lived in sugar land since 1994 and someone who was on the advisory team actually planned out these sessions Chinese 101, this also had speeches on China and things about their different foods along with a part for questions anyone had to learn more of the Chinese and their background heritage.


Reaching out to Residents


If a city actually pushes to learn more or fully understand the diversity of place will also normally celebrate the diversity along with the culture by making an event that will, in the end, teach so many to learn about a vast majority of different cultural heritages. Sacramento California is actually said to be one of the most culturally inclined and diverse places in the world. The Convention and visitor Bureau actually made up a Multicultural event department back in 2001 so many people of diversity would visit Sacramento and surrounding areas.


“As an offshoot of that, we also wanted to engage and assist the local ethnic communities of Sacramento,” says Gary Simon, Director of Multicultural Affairs.


Simon actually does back several different festivals that have put their time into the different cultures in Sacramento which also have taken part with Festival De La Familia, which actually praises and celebrates the culture of latino, there is also a festival which is in grips and makeup for the emancipation proclamation and it is known as Juneteenth Festival. The CVB has since made up the Sacramento World Music And Dance Festival which has different cultures dance and make their food from their culture along with different crafts you can make.


Day-to-day Diversity


Every day the culture of the varieties as a whole will always end up coming out with all for the diversity in these areas. Sacramento has places where different cultures can worship such as Temples, Churches, Mosques, Synagogues, and a lot more religious practices and buildings that are for the many other majorities of religions around. The news is actually in all different languages and different news for all over the world so it does not leave any one culture or heritage out.


A taste of culture


One of the many benefits of a community with many cultures is the true authentic designed foods. You are always to get food from different ethnic groups. Sugar land has so many different cultural restaurants which categorize into, Indian, Chinese, Japanese, and Mediterranean.
If wang has been wanting different food that she can not particularly find in sugar land including Persian or Peruvian all she has to do is drive roughly 30 minutes over to Houston where they have an exotic arrangement of foods.